ZYN Gold Mini 3mg

ZYN Mini Gold, with a taste of tobacco with hints of dried fruit, wood and caramel. ZYN Mini Gold is available in two strength variants, this contains 3 mg of nicotine per portion and is the weaker variant

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ZYN Gold Mini 3mg
ZYN Gold Mini 3mg ZYN Gold Mini 3mg

Key Features:

  • Elegant Gold Flavor: Indulge in an elegant and nuanced flavor profile, providing a tasteful and refined nicotine experience.
  • Compact Mini Pouch: The mini pouch format offers a discreet and comfortable fit, perfect for those moments when subtlety is key.
  • Moderate Nicotine Kick: Enjoy a moderate nicotine hit of 3mg, suitable for those who prefer a milder yet satisfying sensation.
  • Tobacco-Free: ZYN Gold Mini 3mg is crafted without tobacco, offering a cleaner and more flavorful alternative.
More Information
Nicotine (mg/g)7.5mg
Content (g/can)8g
Content typeNicotine
TypeTobacco free
ManufacturerSwedish Match
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