VELO Cinnamon Flame Strong

VELO Cinnamon Flame Strong Slim All White

Embark on a fiery flavor journey with VELO Cinnamon Flame Strong, a bold nicotine pouch that pairs the warmth of cinnamon with a kick of chili. Crafted in a slim, all-white format, VELO Cinnamon Flame Strong ensures a discreet fit while delivering an intense taste experience.

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VELO Cinnamon Flame Strong
VELO Cinnamon Flame Strong VELO Cinnamon Flame Strong

Flavor Profile: VELO Cinnamon Flame Strong provides a distinctive blend of cinnamon with a fiery chili undertone, creating a uniquely bold and spicy taste sensation.

Product Details:

  • Type: Nicotine Pouch
  • Format: Slim All White
  • Taste: Cinnamon
  • Nicotine Level: 14mg/g
  • Content: 14g
  • Strength: Strong

About VELO Cinnamon Flame Strong: As the latest addition to the VELO series by British American Tobacco, Cinnamon Flame Strong is designed for enthusiasts who crave a strong nicotine experience coupled with the bold and warming flavors of cinnamon and chili. The slim design ensures a discreet and comfortable fit.

Declaration of Content:

  • Water, fillers (E460), flavor enhancers (saline), aromas, nicotine, xylitol, thickeners (E401), acidity regulators (E500), salmiak salt, sweeteners (E950).

Ignite your senses with VELO Cinnamon Flame Strong, a nicotine pouch that brings together the bold flavors of cinnamon and chili for an exhilarating and spicy experience.

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More Information
Nicotine (mg/g)14mg
Content (g/can)14g
Content typeNicotine
TypeTobacco free
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