Velo Breezy Mango Strong

Indulge in the tropical paradise of VELO Breezy Mango Strong, where ripe mango meets an extra-strong nicotine sensation. Crafted into slim pouches, each delivers a burst of fruity intensity for snus enthusiasts seeking an exhilarating experience.

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Velo Breezy Mango Strong
Velo Breezy Mango Strong

Flavor Profile: VELO Breezy Mango Strong offers a luscious and exotic mango flavor with each pouch. The tropical sweetness tantalizes the senses, providing a bold and satisfying snus experience.

Brand Information: VELO is dedicated to crafting premium nicotine pouches for modern enthusiasts. With a focus on quality and innovation, VELO products offer a satisfying alternative to traditional snus.

Nicotine Strength: VELO Breezy Mango Strong delivers an extra-strong nicotine experience, perfect for those seeking an intense sensation. Each pouch contains 14mg of nicotine for a powerful kick.

Manufacturer Information: BAT, the producer behind VELO, is renowned for its expertise in tobacco and nicotine products. With a commitment to excellence and innovation, BAT ensures that every VELO product meets the highest standards of quality and satisfaction.

At, we guarantee freshness and prompt delivery to ensure customer satisfaction. Explore our full VELO collection here.

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