FIX Blueberry Ice

Introducing the FIX Blueberry Ice #5 portion, an all-white nicotine pouch from the FIX: Flavour Index snus series. Immerse yourself in the delightful flavor of blueberries, accompanied by an extra high nicotine strength for a satisfying experience.

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FIX Blueberry Ice
FIX Blueberry Ice

Discover the pure sensation of FIX Blueberry Ice #5, an all-white nicotine pouch that's completely tobacco-free. Crafted from plant fiber, the white pouch features a dry surface, moist content, and minimal drip. The slim pouch is infused with added nicotine and flavors of blueberries, lingonberries, and other berries. Each can of Blueberry Ice #5 contains 20 nicotine pouches.

Blueberry Ice #5 from FIX is a nicotine pouch with an extra strong classification. Each portion delivers a satisfying nicotine content of 16.4 milligrams per gram.

Produced in Sweden by Habit Factory in Sweden AB, FIX offers a diverse range of flavors and strengths, including the enticing Blueberry Ice #5 with a nicotine strength of s5.

More Information
Nicotine (mg/g)16.4mg
Content (g/can)14g
Content typeNicotine
TypeTobacco free
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