77 Ghost Cola

Embark on a mysterious journey with 77 Ghost Cola Nicotine Pouch – an enigmatic twist on cola flavor in a Slim All White format. Dive into the intriguing essence of Ghost Cola, coupled with a potent nicotine kick of 50mg/g. Elevate your snus experience with the captivating allure of 77 Ghost Cola.



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77 Ghost Cola
77 Ghost Cola

Flavor Profile: Unravel the mystery of 77 Ghost Cola Nicotine Pouch. This variant introduces a unique and enigmatic twist to the classic cola flavor, creating a captivating and intriguing taste profile that sets it apart from the ordinary.

Slim All White Format: Immerse yourself in the discreet and comfortable Slim All White format, designed for a seamless fit under your lip. With no tobacco, this pouch allows you to experience the mysterious essence of Ghost Cola without any traditional leafy undertones.

Nicotine Strength: With a robust nicotine level of 50mg/g, 77 Ghost Cola Nicotine Pouch offers a strong kick, making it an ideal choice for those who seek both distinctive flavor and strength in their snus.

  • Brand: 77
  • Type: Nicotine pouch
  • Format: Slim All White
  • Taste: Ghost Cola
  • Nicotine level: 50mg/g
  • Content: 10g
  • Strength: Strong

Declaration of Content: Water, fillers (E460), flavor enhancers (saline), aromas, nicotine, xylitol (E967), thickeners (E401), acidity regulators (E500), sweeteners (E950).

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